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Meet the people of Stout Lighting, meet our team

A team where you will find craftsmanship, an idiosyncratic vision of light and passion. Where diverse talents come together and complement each other. These are the people who enjoy working on the special lamps and stylish lighting concepts every day. Who are ready for you with free advice and smart lighting solutions. Whatever issue you come to us with, we are happy to help you!

Stout Team


Managing director


Sales & Design

Hans & Sander Stout – design and sales

Hans and Sander Stout show how different talents complement each other. Hans prefers to go out into the world, if possible off the beaten track. For gaining innovative ideas, discovering materials and coming up with concepts and then bringing them to life in our collections together with Sander. Sander takes you along in these collections when you visit us in Loenen or visit us at ETC Design Center Europe. Sander gives light advice and inspiration without obligation. He can empathize with your wish, your situation, your space like no other. He understands feeling and interior design and uses this expertise to put together a suitable lighting plan. For this duo, no issue is too complicated, no problem too challenging. With them you are assured of unique lighting that is used in a smart, atmospheric way in your interior.

Jacqueline & Stephanie – Finance and Management

Jacqueline and Stephanie keep our affairs, and yours, in order. They ensure that everything runs smoothly both in front of and behind the scenes, with Stephanie responsible as office manager. From order processing to preparing deliveries, from website maintenance to content creation, Stephanie is like the core of our business. Jacqueline deals with the financial side of Stout Verlichting and takes care of the financial matters. Thanks to Jacqueline and Stephanie, we can fully focus on you and your wishes.





Office Management


Studio & Sales

Daniëlle – atelier & Stout Shade Supply

What lighting does in the dark, a lampshade does for your interior. A carefully designed lampshade brings new life, feel, color and texture. Shines a new light on your space. Factors such as height, size, material, shape, color are extremely important. As far as we are concerned, customization and an eye for detail makes the difference between a standard product and a luxury lampshade. You can find this at Stout Shade Supply; handmade lampshades from our workshop in Loenen aan de Vecht.

Every Stout hood is designed and carefully manufactured by Daniëlle. She is there for you if you have questions about lampshades. Are you looking for a new shade for the lamp base that has been at home for years? Do you have a special fabric that you would like to see again? Or are you looking for a specific format? Daniëlle helps to make the best choices and ensures that every lamp base, every luminaire and every room gets the most suitable shade. In addition to using her talent for Stout Shade Supply, Daniëlle supports Stephanie in managing our office.

Aaron & Simon – logistics and technology

Aaron and Simon oversee logistics and technology. They ensure that the lamps you have chosen are neatly mounted. That they arrive safely and are treated well during transport. With love and care, just like you handle your own things. For example, Aaron delivers large orders with the Stout bus throughout the Netherlands. Furthermore, Aaron and Simon can be found in our workshop and are indispensable in the production of our collections.


Logistics & technology